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The American Peony Society Bulletin
Claudia Schroer, Editor
The quarterly appearing magazine of the APS, for members only. Filled with uptodate information. For professionals and true peony lovers the membership is a must for only $25-$30 a year. For more information, please see the website of the APS or mail us

English, 4x a year. ca. 55 pages. Bind with staples. Few illustrations. 
Membership APS.

Register of Domestic Peony Varieties - Moscow 2019
Larisa Pavlova & Marina Balassis (photography)
Indespensable reference book

Onmisbaar naslagwerk voor alle pioenen uit Rusland en de voormalige USSR.
Zeer veel informatie over de binnenlandse historie, de veredelaars en prachtige kleurenfoto's van vele variëteiten met uitgebreide beschrijvingen. Wel een pittige vertaalklus, want alleen verkrijgbaar in het Russisch (Cyrillisch schrift).

English, 2018. 238 pages. Hardcover. Many stunning pictures.
ISBN 978-1-911216-90-2

Peonies - Beautiful Varieties for Home and Garden
Jane Eastoe & Georgianna Lane (photography)
This book does not contain much new information compared to previously published books on peonies, in this respect it is only of interest to peony book collectors. The best feature is the beautiful photography by much praised photographer Georgianna Lane.

English, 2018. 238 pages. Hardcover. Many stunning pictures.
ISBN 978-1-911216-90-2

Peony - The Best Varieties for Your Garden
David C. Michener & Carol Adelman
Beautiful book, providing lots of basic information drenched with the input of the peony grower (Carol Adelman). Excellent in portraying many outstanding peony sorts with nice descriptions and stunning images.

English, 2017. 248 pages. Hardcover. Many illustrations.
ISBN 978-1-60469-520-5

Las Peoniás Herbáceas y su Cultivo
Consuelo Sáez Molina
Fantastic reference work for the professional grower, or the enthusiast with large interest to dig in deeper. Currently only available in Spanish. Many research results with tables and drawings, covering the whole life cycle and culture of peonies.

Spanish, 2012. 582 pages. Hardcover. Few pictures, many illustrations.
ISBN 978 956 345 9104

'Kelway's Glorious'  The story of a pioneering Somerset Nursery
Janet Seaton