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We try to be a relevant source of knowledge about peonies with our website.

Gathering all and everything here is a bridge too far, of course. Fortunately, there are many more great websites on the world wide web!
Besides peony stuff, there is more that we find interesting enough to share with you. You can find these things listed here too.

Fun & Informative!


The Peony Society
A new initiative, started by peony grower, hybridizer and above all enthusiast Koen Hurtekant from Belgium. This website is kind of a hybrid mixture between a valuable peony archive with a wealth of information, the exchange of knowledge from the good old days of the Yahoo! Groups and modern functionalities like we also find on e.g. Facebook. I really hope this place will become a huge success and the center for sharing peony knowledge. Sign up on this website, participate and enrich our Peony Society!

Web-Project Paeonia
Without any doubt, thé No.1 peony-database on the web!

American Peony Society (APS)
This website has been greatly updated and modernized recently. A great registration system of all officially registered peonies is available here. If you are a peony enthusiast, becoming a member of this organisation is highly recommended.
Please feel free to contact us or the APS for more information.

Heartland Peony Society (HPS)
Established out of the need for an improved exchange of local knowledge and experience in the USA. This website is starting to get slightly outdated, but still contains much fascinating information.

Canadian Peony Society (CPS)
The Canadian peony club. Several interesting documents and articles are included in this website.

Everything on the work of the famous Prof. A.P. Saunders
Excellent and very interesting website by Lois Girton to celebrate the ground breaking breeding work in peonies of Prof. A.P. Saunders: "The Father of Modern Peony".

Bloom Date Project
The Bloom Date Project van Michael Denny is a fairly useable reference for comparing the flowering dates of many different peonies. Some foot notes surely should be made, and it hasn't been really updated since 2009. But still it can come in very handy from time to time.

The Archibald Archives
A wealth of information on species peonies in particular, and everything else from the well-known English plant hunter Jim Archibald.

Southern Peony
The popular and informative Blog on peonies by Adriana Feng from North Carolina (USA). Entertaining and educational!

Walter Good
A website from Switzerland, created by a prominent peony enthusiast. Extensive and detailed peony information and links are gathered here.

Gunnar Johansson
In Swedish, but hey, who cares with so many stunning pictures and the nowadays readily available online translators! A really nice blog and website from a real Peonist.

Blog Leo Smit
Back in the day, a very popular blog from a Canadian plant enthusiast, with a special preference for the wild peony species. Not active since about 2011, but the peony world should be grateful that the enjoyable and valuable information shared here is still accessible.


Specialized in Cold Chain Management for flowers and potted plants, and the designing of their supply chains. FlowerWatch provides the knowledge and tools to monitor and improve the transport of flowers all over the world without loss of quality or value. Also a highly recommended company for innovations and quality improvements in the floriculture industry.

Flower auctions Royal FloraHolland
Find out everything about the largest concentration of flower supply from all over the world. Still, the Dutch flower auctions are the pivot on which the world flower market hinges.


Paeonia Newsletter
The international newsletter for breeders of Paeonia. Thes publishing of this newsletter took place in the period between 1970 and 2002, and shares an unbelievable amount of knowledge on peony hybridizing. An extremely interesting and educational website.

Books American Peony Society
Especially the books 'The best of 75 years', 'The American Hybrid Peony' en 'Peonies' (edited by Wister) are beautiful reference works when you would like to deepen your peony breeding knowledge.

Intersectional hybrids Donald Smith
The work of Donald Smith online, one of the world's most progressive hybridizers of intersectional peonies.

Intersectional hybrids Donald Smith (2)
A second website by Donald Smith.

Hans-Günter Maschke
A peony enthusiast and breeder in Germany, with a great website where he very openly shares his creations with fair comments and beautiful pictures.

Irmtraud Rieck
The breeding work of a German authority in peonies.


Daffodils and Wild Tulips
H.M. Meeuwissen from Voorhout is specialized in Narcissus en Wild Tulips. Above all, Hein is a very passionate grower.

Special and rare bulbous and tuberous plants
Mail order and garden center Nijssen Bulbs from Heemstede is thè address when you seek that one extraordinary bulb or tuber. The well-estabilished name and the excellent quality and service makes Nijssen a company that gives us great pleasure to recommend to you.

Plant Nursery "De Hessenhof" in Ede is growing and offering the widest assortment of herbaceous and perennials in THE NETHERLANDS
CC No. 76924297 (among other plants), with every time new gems to find. Owner Hans Kramer is a real plant enthusiast, and a walking plant encyclopedia.

Hosta Nursery Fransen has an incredible collection of 1001 different Hosta, and not unlikely even more...

Iris & Hemerocallis
Nursery Joosten is specialized in Hemerocallis (1,200 varieties), Iris germanica (1,300 varieties), Iris sibirica (50 varieties) and Iris ensata (90 varieties).

'Piet Panthus' offers the world's largest collection of Agapanthus, and could be considered one himself...



The Gardens of Appeltern
On an area of over 8 hectares (20 acres), numerous display gardens are gathered in a park that is extremely tidy and looked after. A wonderful place to spend the day acquiring ideas for your (new) garden. On top of this, they also have created the No. 1 gardening website in Holland.

The Keukenhof
The Keukenhof is our national business card for the Dutch flowerbulb industry. Millions of flowering bulbs are to be adored each spring, in again a very tidy place.

Hortus Botanicus Leiden
A very beautiful Hortus Botanicus, and a historic site. Home of Carolus Clusius. Very popular plant markets are held each spring and fall.