Early Windflower

The single white flowers are relatively small (around 8 cm or 3-4”), but each stem usually carries 2 to 4 flowers. Very floriferous with extreme vigor! These plants can grow to a very wide bush with a sea of graciously nodding flowers. What’s more is that the elegantly dissected foliage makes ‘Early Windflower’ a very attractive garden plant from beginning to end.
Very often ‘confused’ with P. emodi. This ‘Early Windflower’, as well as its near to identical twin (but a week later flowering) ‘Late Windflower’, are often (unknowingly or in sad cases, on purpose) offered as being P. emodi. There are only minor distinctions between the true wild species and these two fine hybrids. The difference can be found in that the Windflowers are much more vigorous, often have more carpels, and the most clearly recognizable distinction is that, opposite to P. emodi, they only very seldomly produce any seeds.


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Colour: White
Flower type: Single
Sidebuds: On average 3 - 4
Fragrance: None
Flowering time: Very early
Plant Height: 90 cm
Mechanical support: Not necessary
Use: Landscape
Origin: USA
Hybridizer: Saunders
Registered by: Saunders
Year of Registration: 1939
APS Gold Medal:
Seed parent: P. veitchii
Pollen parent: P. emodi
Extra information: A strain, propagated from an original batch of 7 lookalike seedlings. Fertility very low, rarely sets seeds. Presumed diploid, since both parents are diploid too.
Fertility: Unknown
Ploidy: Diploid