A beautiful bush for in the garden, throughout the entire growing season. Very fresh looking green, large foliage is giving ‘Frances’ a very lush look. Fairly large, light salmon to peachy pink, single flowers are sitting close atop the bush. Very strikingly accentuated by the blood-red glow that shines from underneath the airy, yellow stamens and finished by the nicely returning petal colour of the stigmas in the center. The hybrid power is displayed by its vigour and floriferousness and the plant habit is just excellent. Another wonderful creation from the illustrious Prof. Saunders enriching our collection.


€ 42,50

Colour: Pink
Flower type: Single
Sidebuds: None
Fragrance: None
Flowering time: Early
Plant Height: 90 cm
Mechanical support: Not necessary
Use: Landscape
Origin: USA
Hybridizer: Saunders
Registered by: Saunders
Year of Registration: 1965
APS Gold Medal:
Seed parent: P. lactiflora cv.
Pollen parent: (P. officinalis 'Sabini' x P. macrophylla)
Extra information: Saunders seedling# 8167
Fertility: Unknown
Ploidy: Unknown