Possibly one of the greatest peonies of all times, a true masterpiece from the illustrious Prof. A.P. Saunders. I am just thrilled, after years of propagation, to now finally be able to bring this rarely to hardly ever offered peony back into the peony community. No peony lover should have to do without this beauty!
The awesome show already starts with the emerging of the new shoots. In very early spring, the softly haired, purple-red shoots unfold slowly to a medium height, luxurious fresh green leaf mass which is so typical for this iconic peony. The mother (P. wittmanniana) is responsible for this wonderful foliage, the father mainly for the double nature of the blooms. These flowers have little scent but have a very matching and stunning creamy yellow colour and have a very fine shape, displaying various levels of doubleness. The less double flowers don’t have that many stamens, and show a center with refined bright red markings at the base of the petals. The fiery red tipped carpels also add a lot of ornamental value to the bush after flowering, thanks to their colour-development to a magnificently contrasting deep purple-red. No seeds will develop in here, because this is a sterile peony. But one of the very few of which I don’t mind the infertility at all – ‘Ballerina’ is the summit of Mount Beauty!


€ 120,00

Colour: Yellow
Flower type: Semi-double
Sidebuds: None
Fragrance: Little
Flowering time: Very early
Plant Height: 70 cm
Mechanical support: Not necessary
Use: Landscape
Origin: USA
Hybridizer: Saunders
Registered by: Saunders
Year of Registration: 1941
APS Gold Medal:
Seed parent: P. wittmanniana
Pollen parent: P. lactiflora ‘Lady Alexander Duff’
Extra information: Very rare reversed cross. Considered sterile.
Fertility: Unknown
Ploidy: Unknown