Tranquil Dove

'Tranquil Dove' is one of those very special peonies that make us as happy as a child for being able to grow and offer it. This is a peony totally incomparable to any other. Flowering time is early in the season and very rich. The single flowers of about 10 cm in size (4") appear to be white, poured over with a delicious lavender pink sauce. Seen from the ruffled petal edges, the flower petals are pretty dark pink and quickly reach a lighter shade of pink to white. The veins in the petals are clearly visible, giving a very delicate effect. The perfect picture of these refined flowers are completed by golden yellow stamens that surround dark red carpels and stigmas. All this beauty is proudly held up by very sturdy stems, which brings us to another wow-factor - the foliage! Deep green, glossy and wide-standing foliage which is clearly pointier in comparison to many other hybrids. A flowering bush of 'Tranquil Dove' does not reach higher than 65 cm (26") and forms a remarkably harmonious whole, with notable great substance. A showpiece in any peony collection! The godfather of this precious peony deserves so much praise. 'Tranquil Dove' is offspring of 'Halcyon', and this is not only a species from the Kingfisher family, but it also means something like "peaceful", or "serene". How fantastic is it, that progeny of this peony eventually received a name that brings all of this together. The name given is every bit as harmonious as the wonderful peony itself!


€ 42,50

Colour: Pink
Flower type: Single
Sidebuds: None
Fragrance: Little
Flowering time: Very early
Plant Height: 60 cm
Mechanical support: Not necessary
Use: Landscape
Origin: USA
Hybridizer: Saunders
Registered by: Rogers
Year of Registration: 1993
APS Gold Medal:
Seed parent: P. hybrid 'Halcyon'
Pollen parent: Unknown
Extra information: Halcyon F2
Fertility: Seed + Pollen
Ploidy: Unknown