The Top 10 of our most popular peonies of 2016 (retail)

Below listing reveals our most wanted peonies (retail) in 2016. In between brackets the ranking of these same varieties in last year's chart is mentioned.

As a side note, we have to add that some of our peonies in 2016 were extremely popular and sold out within days after the release date, and some even within hours... Our total stock of these peonies was less than the #10 in this list, so they could not be included here. Although in a more abstract way they were our most popular peonies!

Only two peonies in this year's Top 10 that were also present in last year's edition. This lack of "stayers" is the only common theme that is running through all of our annual Top 10 listings....!
Top favorite among our retail customers in 2016 was 'Serene Pastel' (photo top). 'Klehm's Pink Unknown' was a strong runner-up (photo top-left), and has had a Top 4 ranking for three consecutive years now - which is unique! Further, it pleases us that the newer and most spectacular hybrids like 'Lois' Choice' (photo bottom-left), 'Summer Glow' and 'Ole Faithful' also stood out in popularity in 2016.

This chart is nicely balanced again with 2 all-time classics, 2 modern classic-form peonies, 1 dwarf, 4 stunning hybrids and 1 intersectional hybrid. This knowledge will aid us in our attempts to evolve our assortment with proper balance. We are aiming for continuous development of both one of the most unique peony listings in the world for the hardcore peony lovers, as well as an irresistable list for the average gardener.



2.   (4) Klehm’s Pink Unknown
3.   (-) Lois' Choice
4.   (-) Jan van Leeuwen
5.   (-) Summer Glow
6.   (-) Petite Porcelain
7.   (6) Ole Faithful
8.   (-) White Cap
9.   (-) May Lilac
10. (-) Bartzella