Last year, our Catalogue comprised entailed 167 items. This year, we are doing a big leap forward with a staggering number of 200 different kinds of peonies in total...! Our focus for quality sure has not changed one bit, but sometimes our stock just grows so nicely that suddenly a lot can be made available. Because what we offer is only a good chunk of the top of the iceberg...

Our list for 2019 counts 16 botanical species/varieties, 70 lactiflora peonies, 76 herbaceous hybrids, 31 intersectional hybrids and 7 tree peonies. Compared to last year our new selection even shows 50 changes (of which 29 peonies are new arrivals and 21 are returning items).



2 TREE PEONIES --> 'High Noon' & 'Ruffled Sunset'
Disputably, 'High Noon' is the most famous woody of them all with her frequent glorious reblooming in August. And perhaps just as disputably, we consider 'Ruffled Sunset' to be one of the very best tree peonies.

4 SMOKING HOT & EXQUISITE --> 'Clearstream', 'Pastelorama', 'Sky Dance' &'The Little Corporal'
Well... I could talk for an hour about this these... But I better not. All very rare, exceptionally interesting breeding plants, fabulous peonies for in the landscape and just bloody gorgeous..

10 RARELY OFFERED GEMS--> 'Archangel', 'Cream Delight', 'Golden Wings', 'Ivory White Saucer', 'K-Nina', 'Lavender Baby', 'Lord Cavin', 'Prairie Princess', 'White Doves' &'Zhemchuzhna Rossyp'
What a diversity in this group! Actually, a hodgepodge. If not for that the common denominator is the fact that these are hardly ever offered anywhere else.

4 REVOLUTIONARY NEW INTERSECTIONAL HYBRIDS -->'Gordon E. Simonson', 'Mock Orange Yellow', 'Sonoma Halo' & 'Visions of Sugar Plums'
First mentioned is unmatched for intersectional flower symmetry and presentation, MOY and VoSP (loving abbreviations) are both also outstanding flower forms and also both by the hand of Don Smith and still very new and rare. Just like 'Sonoma Halo' - a unique and bright yellow and super full double flower for this group of peonies.

4 LONG LOST TREASURES--> 'A.E. Kundred', 'Ballerina' , 'Lady Gay' &'Moonstone'
Surely one of the projects that gives me the most satisfaction. Hunting down the most incredible peonies, lost in commerce for so long and for whatever reason, and bringing these back available. Not just novelties are something to look out for, wise people also look back. Because there is so much beauty in our peony world already!

4 AUSTRIAN PICTURE PERFECT PEONIES--> 'Erda', P. emodi (cv.), 'Rossweisse' & 'Walküre'
Michael Miely knows what good peonies are. All three hybrids mentioned here are just delicious, in terms of foliage, stand and form of the flowers. Truly an enrichment for any collection.

7 POPULAR RETURNING CUSTOMERS --> 'Aphrodite's Kiss', 'Carina', 'Eskimo Pie', 'Pêcher', 'Reine DeLuxe', 'Sunny Day' &'Yvonne'
Simply not (yet) in our even years' cycle. But definitely worthy to include every year!

8 EVERYONE'S FRIENDS --> 'Easy Lavender', 'Golly', 'Over Easy', 'Paul M. Wild', 'Red Giant', 'Red Sarah Bernhardt', 'Shirley Temple' &'Susie Q'
Really nice peonies in a wide range of colours for all that don't want to spend that much on a nice garden peony.

7 TIMES "SEEING IS BUYING" --> 'Chiffon Clouds', 'Crazy Daisy', 'Garden Lace', 'Moonlit Snow', 'Orange Lace', 'Requiem' &'Touch of Class'
Each and every one of these is unique in its own style and just drop-dead beautiful.

Enjoy our 2019 Catalogue!