In 2017, our Catalogue contained 161 different peonies. This year we've added a few to the total and the listing now will start with 167 items! We're only in for quality, and so we are very careful with the growth of our collection. It has to added value. And we're proud to say that we feel that we have more than succeeded this year!

Our 2018 Catalogue counts 17 species peonies, 53 lactiflora, 64 herbaceous hybrids, 27 intersectional peonies and 6 TREE PEONIES! Yes, indeed! Tree Peonies are now part of our offerings also. After careful and loving trials, we have decided to continue at full speed with this. We just couldn't help ourselves with falling in love with another group of peonies...



6 TREE PEONIES --> 'Center Stage', 'Guardian of the Monastery', 'Hephestos', 'Nike', 'Sunrise' & 'Waucedah Princess'
No new intersectionals this year. We are only adding major WOW-factor choices in this group from now on. But you can expect more from us in the mighty group of Tree Peonies, and in particular Lutea Hybrids. The six awesome woodies we start with this year covers a nice part of the colour spectrum and contain some of the very best!

5 AMAZING HERBACEOUS HYBRIDS --> 'Dreamtime', 'Lavender', 'Nelda's Joy', 'Promenade' &'Sunny Boy'
Stunning new additions. Two of the newest kids on the block will be noticed, 'Dreamtime' and 'Nelda's Joy' will find their first time offering here in Europe here with us and that makes us happy and proud. Possibly even more thrilled we are about 'Lavender', so rare and so much sought after - one of the mystic creations of the illustrious Prof. A.P. Saunders that we now can finally make better available for many. The remaining two wonders in this group are very rarely offered. All four are contributing greatly to the exposure of this year's listing. And what's more is that all four are prime breeding subjects!

4 APS GOLD MEDAL WINNERS -->'Hephestos', 'Mrs. J.V. Edlund', 'Myra MacRae'& 'Topeka Garnet'
All very different, and all seldomly offered also. 'Hephestos' is a wonderful tree peony, and the other three are unique lactifloras that are much sought after. Discover why they have been celebrated with the Gold Medal!

2 J's and A SPECIES --> 'Jacorma', 'Joanna Marlene', P. veitchii var. woodwardii & 'Pink Derby'
Sounds like a music band with a cool hat :-)
'Jacorma' is one of the latest flowering lactiflora peonies I know, right there at the very end of things. 'Joanna Marlene' is one of the most exquisite intersectionals and is rightfully returning this year to our Catalogue. Just like P. veitchii var. woodwardii, a wonderful species and a real gem for in the garden. 'Pink Derby' might be the most excentric creation of Myron Bigger, and for that reason alone a must-add to our collection.

4 PERFECT GARDEN SUBJECTS --> 'Fairy Princess', P. emodi (hybrid), 'Rozella' & 'Time Traveler'
All four of these don't require any support and are just very choice peonies for use in the landscape. 'Rozella' stands proud and blooms late, P. emodi (hybrid) can be summarized as a low Windflower-type and the other two are simply ideal front-in-the-border-peonies!

5 RETURNING LACTIFLORA PEONIES --> 'Boule de Neige', 'Fringed Ivory', 'Lavender Princess', 'Orchid Annie' & 'Westhill'
Two whites and three pinks. But all very different nonetheless. 'Orchid Annie' stands out in bush presentation, however each and everyone of these is very floriferous and has their individual appealing traits. We keep these in our returning selection for good reason and encourage you to find out what that is!

1 RED HOT PEONY --> 'Triphena Parkin'
Offered nowhere else in recent years, to our knowledge. A masterpiece of Prof. Harald Fawkner from Sweden, and we are pleased to have 'Triphena Parkin' returning to our offerings with significantly increased availability!


Enjoy our 2018 Catalogue!