Exactly half of the new arrivals in our Catalogue this year are hybrids, on top of three that are returning. Thirteen new lactiflora peonies, of which seven had been not listed for a short while. One new intersectional hybrid and three species peonies are also added. Totalling no less than 31 new items for 2017!! That's 13% more than last year. For propagation and in attempt to keep our offerings well-balanced, we have also withdrawn nine items. Some of these will get their comeback next year. Altogether, our 2017 Catalogue counts no less than 161 different peonies!





With this first hand novelty, the total number of intersectionals in our Catalogue remains now 26, as we have also took out 'Joanna Marlene' for a year. Our true heart just does not seem to lie with the intersectionals, and we consider a figure around twenty-five great to choose from. We may be adding one or two from this peony every year, and we will skip the occasional year too. So we can keep our eyes out for those special ones, like 'Momo Taro'!

3 BOTANICAL SPECIES / -VARIETIES --> P. officinalis 'Lize van Veen', P. peregrina var. romanica & P. tenuifolia
Wonderful new additions. The two true species are amazing and we are thrilled to be able to start offering these. But 'Lize van Veen' is one of our very special items for this year. Preventing this baby from extinction!

2 DWARFS -->'Aphrodite's Kiss' & 'The Little Corporal'
Both very rare, and TLC is very new! Absolutely no need for support, very floriferous and an amazing compact bush: Best landscapers!

2 GIANT LACTI'S --> 'Carl G. Klehm' & 'Touch of Class'
Two nothing but impressive plants. Huge blooms and with a great stand of the bush. Landmarks!

4 TREATS FOR THE NOSE (LACTI'S)--> 'Dresden Pink', 'Fragrant Bouquet', 'Myrtle Gentry' & 'Pecher'
Exceptionally nice smelling peonies have received some of our focus. Such a desired extra dimension in peonies!

6 UNIQUE-IN-THEIR-OWN-WAY LACTI'S --> 'Crazy Daisy', 'Gay Paree', 'Luxor', 'Prairie Princess', 'Red Giant' & 'Sylver'
All very different, but we gotta group them somewhere... The varieties mentioned are respectively odd catcus-dahlia style, bi-coloured beauty, two times amazing, bold and rare!

7 WONDERFUL HYBRIDS --> 'Avant Garde', 'Carina', 'Carol', 'Christmas Velvet', 'Ivory White Saucer', 'Golden Wings'& 'Sanctus'
Each and every one of these are unique, and some of them really rare too. All very cool to have in this year's offering.

6 STUNNING AND COLLECTOR'S HYBRIDS --> 'Garden Peace', 'Pastelorama', 'Picotee', 'Sunny Day', 'White Doves' & 'Winterthur'
Some of these rarities are very recently introduced peonies, and some are hard-to-get items. Peonies with the X-factor. Because of extravagant foliage, earliness, special flower color, bush presentation, etc. These six extremely awesome hybrids enrich our collection so much!

Enjoy our 2017 Catalogue!