Tree Peonies are one of the five amazing main groups of peonies that we ourselves distinguish (Species peonies, Lactiflora peonies, Herbaceous Hybrid peonies, Intersectional peonies and Tree Peonies).

Tree Peonies is actually quite a big way of describing the group. More accurate would be shrubby peonies, and perhaps the nices name for them is woody peonies. This, because this group embraces peony plants that all have remaining woody top growth that can continue each new spring. Tree peonies implies that they can grow really high, but only very seldomly these peonies grow any higher than 1.50 meter, and most don't even get that tall. So calling them shrubs would be more accurate, but we think calling them "woodies" has the nicer sound. However, since Tree Peonies seems to be most widely accepted way of referring to these wonderous plants, we will continue using this.

The group of Tree Peonies can be categorized in three basic categories: Lutea Hybrids, Suffruticosa Hybrids and Rockii Hybrids. We won't explain everything about these three groups here. For now, we think it will suffice to only include talk about what we will be offering ourselves.


The composition of the collection that we are currently building, and that we have started to offer this year, is determined by what we can grow well under our growing circumstances. Our winters are generally very wet, and not so cold with a typical lack of snow cover. For most top growth of Tree Peonies to survive, they need protection from strong frosty winds (like snow protection) and they need to be not so very susceptible for fungal infections. All the rains and high humidity our winters bring, can easily cause the buds on branches to rot from infections with a fungus like Botrytis. For these reasons, growing cultivars in the sub-group of Suffruticosa Hybrids pretty much is out of the questions for us as these are the most sensitive. There will be exceptions, and we think to have found one with 'Guardian of the Monastery'. That is done quite well for us so far. Other than that we will be focusing on Lutea Hybrids mainly, and will be trying to add Rockii lineage Hybrids also.

It is quite a project to come to a good assortment with strong Tree Peonies. Our main selection criteria are obviously beauty, but maybe even more importantly also health and vigour. With the latter we mean good power to produce ground shoots easily and the ability to flower on first year top growth. We don't want you to end up with a Tree Peony that dies quickly because of one or a few bad winters where all branches got killed and nothing comes out of the ground anymore! So we search long and hard for suitable Tree Peonies to carry in our offerings. You can click here to find out full details of the Tree Peonies we have in our Catalogue this year.

All of the Tree Peonies that we offer are propagated by division only, and in fact no different than any of our other herbaceous and intersectional peonies. All our tree peonies do not have any foreign root, they are completely on their own roots! This gives many advantages in comparison to the common way in which tree peonies are offered (eyes grafted on a herbaceous nurse root). The main benefits include a flying start after planting, superior vigour and more than a fair chance on first year bloom already. What’s more is that planting is just like for any herbaceous peony, which often proves to make the start a lot safer.

We will be adding more cultural advice specific for Tree Peonies on this website at a later stage. However, if you have any questions - please feel free to contact us.